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Cow Traffic Flow Design and Milking System Recommendations in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan


Design is the foundation of profitable milk production. The wrong initial choice can degrade your herd health and lower your quality of milk over time. With years of experience, Chinook Dairy Service Ltd’s team can determine the best design to fit the needs and size of your farm. We provide building layout and cow traffic flow design services, and we can recommend and provide the right milking system for your BC, Alberta or Saskatchewan farm.

Installation and Support

BouMatic® designs, manufactures, patents and brands each component to ensure farmers the use of a highly-profitable product that is made to last. The quality of BouMatic® products is the result of high-quality control for each product and the advantage of being able to count on a team of skilled technicians to meet your every need, from assembly to maintenance. Preventative maintenance plans and system analysis scheduling can reduce the need for untimely service calls that could cause a production standstill. We offer 24/7 service – call us to book a service call.

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