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BouMatic® Robotics

BouMatic® Robotics in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan

Chinook Dairy Service Ltd is your BouMatic® Robotics supplier in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. 

We carry the following robotic products:

Boumatic MR-S1

BouMatic® Robotics MR-S2’

Single box milking robot. Excellent sorting, capable of milking 50 cows 3 times per day.

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Boumatic MR-D1

BouMatic® Robotics MR -D2’

Double box milking robot. One unit, two cows. Capable of milking 90 cows 3 times per day.

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BouMatic® SR2 Spraying Robot

BouMatic® SR2 Spraying Robot

Automatic post-milking spray robot. Capable of being installed on any parallel external rotary. 

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 For more information about our robotic products, please feel free to give us a call today.

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