Technology for Milking Gently, Quickly and Completely


5 Winning Choices for Your Farm

1. Your cows’ good health will ensure the quality and production of their milk.

Based on this principle, BouMatic® has developed a series of products that are ideal for teat sanitization before and after milking. Thanks to cleaning properties, superior-quality disinfectant and moisturizing properties, these products represent an irreplaceable first resource for preventing mastitis.

Use the BouMatic® range of udder products for the health and hygiene of your cows’ udders.

2. Milking Gently, Quickly and Completely. 

Use Magnum™ M Series Liners.

Liners are the single, critical point of contact between your cows and your milking system. Their impact on your bottom line can’t be overlooked. Use the liner that has the best design for your herd and your milking preferences – the Magnum™ from BouMatic®. No other liner is more focused on the health of your cows and your milking style. Tailored to fit your cows and deliver top performance with any milking system, patented Magnum™ liners deliver consistent, even milk-out from quarter to quarter, milking after milking, day after day.

3. Complete milking and reduce stress for the cow. 

Use BouMatic® flow meters and detachers for optimal takeoff time.

Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial dairies, the TouchPoint™ combines unparalleled ruggedness with state-of-the-art technology to provide operators with reliable and efficient tools. TouchPoint™ gives you full command and control of the entire milking process at each stall point. Built for the harsh dairy environment (IP69) ICAR meter, TouchPoint™ is paired with the SmartControl™ Meter, our high flow, ICAR-approved meter to give you the best results in accuracy, throughput and vacuum stability.

4. The heart of the farm is the milking system.

Their trust in BouMatic® is the winning choice.

Performing a proper milking (gently, quickly and completely) is the prerequisite for creating conditions that prevent stress in animals and optimize the quantity and quality of milk. A proper milking routine also ensures a low level of bacterial contamination and helps to reduce the risk of infection. Based on this philosophy, BouMatic® milking systems are designed and patented to fit any type of farming, from the smallest to the largest, ensuring high-quality standards in the collection and storage of milk for every farmer.

5. Optimize the management of the herd with SmartDairy® Management System. 

Technology engineered around the quality of milk.

To optimize the management of the herd and raise the milk production standards, it is necessary to collect, coordinate and combine a number of different types of data. The SmartDairy® Management System, patented by BouMatic®, allows farmers to always have the activities of their herd under control through the use of a simple software platform. The SmartDairy®’s automated data collection system allows you to access the complete profile of each cow at any time, allowing you to optimize the time for insemination or sorting for veterinary checks.

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